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Mutli faceted Japanese Performance artist, Toastie draws on a range of media platforms to share her unique blend of contemporary art at its edgiest. Part performer, DJ, healer, teacher, music producer, voice artist and theatre actor, her blend of styles makes for a visionary artist and one of Japans luminary exports. Well loved in her home city of Tokyo, along with audiences in Paris, London  and Australia.
Her work transcends the limitation of words, and she is a self proclaimed energy artist and light worker. Her work stems from her desire to make strong impact into the feeling state of her audience, to transport them out of the ordinary and expected, a display of infectious pure joy. She artfully references known archetypes and celebrities to create an other worldly play on time space dimensions, she describes these personas as existing all at once on parallell dimensions. Her most well known persona is that of  Toast Girl, giving a pathway to the parodies that form the French Metamorphose transformation series; Baguette Bardot, Baltan Silvie, Catheri Deneuve, and Jane-bu Bankin. Other personas she has traversed are, Tokyo Tower C, the face dancer Isabella Toastita and face exercise researcher Dr. Paluma, fortune-teller Ooh la la.
Her origins as a performance artist stemmed from her formal education in Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her stage debut and graduate performance as Toastgirl in Melbourne in the late 90s. She made the leap from the medium of painting to performance art, swapping paintbrushes for her custom made toast helmet, and super sucker vacuum cleaner shoes. Toasting bread on her head and serving up a blend disarming vocals, captivating the Melbourne underground arts and music scene, subsequently invited to tour with the nation wide music festival the Big Day Out.
Her prolific body of work includes, the exhibition of numerous experimental artworks in galleries, TV performances in the France and the UK. Release of a limited edition DVD and CD box set, and YouTube sensation video clip.
She contintues to push the boundaries of her art, whilst also lecturing in the school of Fashion at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and branching into one on one exclusive sessions to those seeking a teacher in the art of joy and light.

トースティー (@toastiejapan)

TOASTIE [Visual & Performance Artist, Concept Producer, Singer, Actor, Writer] Toastie started her live avant garde performances as “Toastgirl” in 1998, while studying fine art in Melbourne,Australia. During her onstage performance, she wore a hard-hat fitted with a toaster (toaster hat) that makes real toast.After returning to Japan in 1999, she started making video works, music and a variety of original avant garde performances. Toastie loves creating performance based on different characters. After performing as “Toastgirl,” she created “Tokyo Tower C” (singer/ DJ), “Isabella Toastita” (dancer), “Dr. Paluma” (Director, Gance Institute), “Ooh la la” (astrologer), “Baguette Bardot (BB).”, “Baltan Silvie”, “Catheri Deneuve” and most recently “Takarako Atami”(Free jazz singer-Hiohokan).These joyful and playful performances and stories are largely improvised, conveying messages that are delved instinctively and instantaneously. Toastie is also known as a singer and has participated as a vocalist in various other CD releases.



toastie /トースティー(toastiejapan)creator, actress, singer, vaudevillian! オーストラリアで突発的に頭上でパンを焼き誕生した”トーストガール"としてステージライブをスタート。バゲットバルドーとしてフランスデビューの他、複数の名義で神出鬼没。バゲッ党!党首。美人プラネット星ガイド。武蔵野美術大学非常勤講師。 http://www.toastgirl.com




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