Baguette Bardot

Baguette Bardot(バゲット バルドー)
[French Metaphorphisis Transformation Series] 
After having the vision and feeling of a woman with Frecnh Bagettes for arms for years, Toastie finally allowed her inner expression to come into pyshycal form. Toastie, following a casual conversation with a friend after being invited to a dress up French themed party, linked the name of cult icon Bridgette Bardot to the woman she felt inside of her with baguettes for arms, in arrives Baguette Bardot to meet the world. She was the first of many to be created as part of Toasties ongoing French Metamorphose Transformation series.

With French baguettes for arms, Baguette Bardot started performing in concerts in Paris and Japan in 2009. She then made her French recording debut in 2010 on the label FGL with a special limited edition box set CD and DVD release singing Brigitte Bardot’s hits in Japanese. She has appeared in everything from the interview page of a bakers’ industry publication to French TV, exhibitions and more. She performed a number of concerts in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Australia. Not only a perfomer and singer, this persona also has a very unique skill of creating portraiture art using chocolate and flat bread, creating edible portraits. She formed the Baguette Party in October 2013 and is currently recruiting other party members.