EUko♨︎ [HITOKAN](EU子♨︎[秘湯感])
HITOKAN started in May 2019 as a new band that warms the world like a hot spring. We deliver healing and excitement that spring out like a hot spring source.New album [À LA MODE] on sale!
The band performs monthly gigs at an Jazz venue in Shinjuku but the goal is to have concerts at spas/hot spring resorts and jazz festivals all over the world, please get in touch!) EUko♨ is a French half and is in charge of writing words and singing as a hot spring sommelier.

HITOKAN Members: Dairo Suga (piano),Masayo Koketsu (alto saxophone),Ryo Saito (drums), EUko♨︎, Chizuru Ishii (Japanese drum)