Jane-bu Bankin

Jane-bu Bankin(じぇ〜んぶ バンキン)
This girl’s a groupie for artisans making Bankin Bags entirely out of sheet metal. As you’d expect, she bangs on metal sheets as percussion to the Jane Birkin hits she sings. This persona (part of the French Metaphorphisis Transformation Series) came to life after a conversation surrounding the play on words, ‘bankin’ and ‘birkin’. ‘Bankin’, the japanese word for ‘metal’ gave rise to the expression of this persona. Artist Toastie, with a deep reverence to Japanese artisans, sourced a metal craft worker to create the unique metal Birkin bag. Referencing the cult fashion icon from Parisian fashion houses and bringing together a synergy of two worlds to create a new dimension of reality.