A girl from the Japanese countryside suddenly gets taken to another planet and returns to earth in a body with the ability to recharge things. Her toaster on her head is solar-powered and is also a universal translator that can turn toast into notebooks. She can also tell fortunes with toast. Her vehicle is a vacuum cleaner and when the power runs low her socks slip down.Oh, her lover a sculpture in the Louvre. Her alter ego is “hello afro.”
(background:A sudden desire to toast bread on her head while studying at art school in Australia led to the birth of Toastgirl. Though at first indulging her new activity alone at home, the desire for companionship drove her to seek out collaborators among her musician friends and turn Toastgirl into a full stage performance. And when she went onto grad school Toastgirl then became a performance art research project and eventually her final graduation work. Returning to Japan, Toastgirl began to perform alongside the likes of Gorgeous(Ujino Muneteru,Hiroyuki Matsukage), GRINDER-MAN, Smelly and Maywa Denki. Now welcoming 20 years since her genesis, Toastgirl has made a splash on TV and other media both in Japan and internationally.)