Tokyo Tower C [DJ Tokyo Tower C]

Tokyo Tower C [DJ Tokyo Tower C](東京タワーC子)
Real name: Tabako Azuma. Her debut song “Dreaming of Tower C” about Tokyo Tower was a hit back in 1958 when she was 13. After this her innate Wanderlust led to her a mysterious disappearance for decades until she suddenly returned to singing in 2001 with the Tokyo Tower C Band. Her whims have led to DJ-ing and scratching records with a tawashibrush, performing karaoke with a handheld cassette player with tawashibrush microphone, and even running a bar in Shinjuku’s Golden Gai. Alcoholic but very healthy, she never ever ages.

(background:After returning from many years overseas, this 1950’s character suddenly appeared while Toastie was cleaning her newly rented old Japanese home’s kitchen with a tawashiscrubbing brush.)